Apple iPhone Rings in Chinese New Year With Operatic Flair






Through the Five Passes is a short film that follows the story of one young man’s resilience in keeping Chinese opera alive. Considered one of the world’s oldest dramatic art forms, Chinese opera is often only seen as a token of Chinese New Year celebrations. The film follows Gu, as he preps for his first-ever starring role (after 20 years) in a troupe’s reproduction for the new year. Gu faces many challenges throughout his life, including the death of his father, the strict troupe training, and the mocking comments from his friends. Through these challenges, Gu learns to appreciate the power of Chinese Opera, which transcends notions of folk art and provides a cathartic means of processing human experiences. The film culminates in Gu’s five-minute performance, which is filled with emotion and a reminder of the power of life and death. Ultimately, the film serves as a reminder of the importance of honoring our own passes, and the legacy that spans centuries.

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