Apple Reportedly Scrapping Plans for New HomePod Mini

Apple has reportedly decided to scrap plans for the upcoming HomePod mini, a smaller version of its popular HomePod speaker. The company had been planning to launch the device in the fall of 2020, but has now decided to cancel the project.

The HomePod mini was set to be a smaller and cheaper version of the original HomePod, which was released in 2018. The device was meant to offer a more affordable alternative to the HomePod, as well as a way for Apple to compete in the growing smart speaker market.

However, Apple has now reportedly decided to cancel the project due to a number of issues. The main issue is that the HomePod mini was not able to offer the same sound quality as the original HomePod, which was one of the main selling points of the device. Additionally, the HomePod mini was also reportedly more difficult to manufacture and would have been more expensive to produce than Apple had initially anticipated.

The decision to cancel the HomePod mini comes at a time when Apple is facing increased competition in the smart speaker market. Google and Amazon both have their own devices, and both companies have been able to offer more affordable options than Apple.

It remains to be seen what Apple’s next move will be in the smart speaker market. The company could still decide to launch a smaller and cheaper device, or it could focus on improving the sound quality of the original HomePod. Whatever the case, it appears that Apple has decided to put the HomePod mini project on hold for now.

Apple has reportedly not been actively working on a new HomePod mini and may have scrapped plans to update the current version. This is likely due to the fact that the latest installment of the larger-sized HomePod does not include anything that the $99 mini doesn’t already have. Instead of releasing a new hardware, Apple is likely to improve the HomePod mini by releasing software updates to Siri and app integration. The updated larger version HomePod, released last week, borrowed features that already existed on the HomePod mini such as ultra-wideband support and Thread connectivity. Apple may also be working on a slew of other smart-home devices, including new displays such as a “low-end iPad” that can control thermostats and lights as well as handle FaceTime calls. Additionally, Apple is reportedly working on a smart display that unites the functionality of an Apple TV, camera, and HomePod, all in one device. This suggests that Apple is continuing to focus on expanding its foray into the smart-home market, despite not working on an update for the HomePod mini.

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