Berkeley Co. to livestream all public meetings on YouTube

Berkeley Co. is making waves in the world of local government by announcing that it will livestream all public meetings on YouTube. This move will make the county the first in the state of West Virginia to offer this type of transparency to its citizens.

The county commission unanimously voted in favor of the move, which will allow citizens to watch the meetings in real time, as well as access archived videos of past meetings. This will allow citizens to stay up to date on local government proceedings, and be better informed about the decisions that are being made in their community.

The county has also set up a dedicated YouTube channel for the livestreams, which will include a schedule of upcoming meetings. The channel will also provide access to archived videos of past meetings, allowing citizens to review past proceedings and stay informed on current issues.

The county is also in the process of setting up a website that will provide additional resources and information related to the meetings. This website will include a forum for citizens to discuss current issues, as well as contact information for county officials.

Berkeley Co. is committed to providing transparency and accountability to its citizens, and this move is a major step in that direction. By livestreaming all public meetings, citizens will have the opportunity to stay informed and engaged in their local government. This will help ensure that citizens have a voice in the decisions that are being made in their community.

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