Did the school provide the child who shot the teacher with appropriate services? Edu. the lawyer says “no”

The recent shooting of a teacher in a school in the United States has sparked a debate about the school’s responsibility for providing appropriate services to the child who committed the act. The lawyer for the family of the teacher who was shot has come out strongly against the school, claiming that they did not provide the child with the necessary services he needed.

The lawyer’s argument is that the school failed to recognize the signs of mental illness in the child, and did not provide him with the counseling and other services he needed to address his issues. He claims that if the school had done so, the tragedy could have been avoided.

The school, however, claims that they did provide the child with the services he needed, including counseling and other forms of support. They argue that the child was already displaying violent tendencies prior to the shooting, and that they had done all they could to address the issue.

The truth is that it is difficult to determine who is right in this situation. It is clear that the school should have done more to identify and address the child’s mental health issues, but it is also true that the child was displaying violent tendencies prior to the shooting.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the child receives the help he needs. It is not enough to simply punish him for his actions; he must also receive the treatment he needs to address his mental health issues. It is also important to ensure that the school is held accountable for their failure to provide the necessary services.

Only time will tell if the school is found to be at fault, but it is clear that the child needs help and that the school should have done more to provide it.