Half Moon Bay filming highlights poor conditions on farms

Workers killed in a massacre at two mushroom farms in Half Moon Bay on Monday were working for low wages and living in conditions the San Mateo County prosecutor called “miserable.”

The local nonprofit Ayudando Latinos a Soñar regularly visited one of the farms, California Terra Garden, to provide workers and their families with food and supplies, “due to the high cost of life and the low incomes they earn,” said executive director Belinda Hernandez. -Arriaga.

Called the deadliest mass shooting in San Mateo County history, in which a gunman killed seven people and injured another, quickly drew attention to poor conditions living conditions and low wages for farm workers across the state, which advocacy organizations say is the norm in the industry. .

“It’s indicative of the reality that many California farmworkers live in,” said Antonio De-Loera Brust, communications director for the United Farm Workers union. “It’s tragic that it took a shocking act of violence and seven lost lives to draw attention to him, but it’s a reality not just in the Half Moon Bay area but across California.”