Over 10 Million Merchants Join Five Fortune Card Campaign on Alipay Platform to Further Engage With Consumers Ahead of CNY

As Chinese New Year approaches, e-commerce giant Alipay has announced an ambitious campaign to further engage with its consumers. The Five Fortune Card Campaign has already seen over 10 million merchants join the platform, offering discounts and promotions to customers.

The campaign works by customers collecting virtual “fortune cards” from participating merchants. These cards can be exchanged for discounts and other offers from the merchants, giving customers an incentive to shop during the festive season.

The campaign is part of Alipay’s larger strategy to boost sales and engagement during the busy shopping period. The platform has also rolled out a number of other initiatives, such as a “red envelope” feature which allows customers to send digital gifts to each other.

Alipay has also been using its expansive network of merchants to create unique experiences for customers. For example, customers can use the platform to book a range of activities and experiences, such as attending a cooking class or visiting a museum.

The Five Fortune Card Campaign is a great example of how Alipay is leveraging its vast network of merchants to create a more engaging shopping experience. With over 10 million merchants already participating, the campaign is sure to be a hit with customers ahead of Chinese New Year.

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