Re:ZERO Heroine Ram & Rem Cerebrate Their Birthday in A Special Live Stream on January 26

On January 26, the popular anime Re:ZERO celebrated the birthdays of its two beloved heroines, Ram and Rem, in a special live stream. Fans of the series were delighted to join in on the festivities, which included a variety of activities and special guests.

The stream began with a special video featuring the two heroines, followed by a Q&A session with the voice actors for Ram and Rem. Fans had the opportunity to ask questions about the characters and the show, as well as get some insight into the actors’ experiences with the series.

The stream then moved on to a special birthday celebration for the two heroines. Viewers had the chance to send in birthday messages and artwork, which were then displayed on screen. Ram and Rem also received special gifts from the show’s staff, including a special cake and flowers.

The stream also featured a variety of other activities, such as a game of “Re:ZERO Bingo” and a “Re:ZERO Trivia” segment. At the end of the stream, the two heroines were presented with a special birthday cake, which they shared with the viewers.

The special live stream was a great way for fans of Re:ZERO to celebrate the birthdays of Ram and Rem. It was a fun and interactive event that allowed viewers to get to know the characters better and share in the joy of their special day.

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