Surprise! Fresno woman celebrates 95th birthday with favorite CHP officer, ABC30

Surprise! Fresno woman celebrates 95th birthday with favorite CHP officer

It was a birthday surprise that this Fresno woman will never forget. On Wednesday, May 12th, 95-year-old Lillian Baca celebrated her birthday with her favorite California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer, who she has known since she was a young girl.

Officer Juan Lopez, who has been with the CHP for 10 years, is a regular fixture in Baca’s neighborhood. He has been stopping by to check on her for years, and when it came time for her 95th birthday, he wanted to make it extra special.

On Wednesday morning, Lopez arrived at Baca’s home with a bouquet of flowers, a birthday cake, and a special gift. Baca was so surprised and delighted that she couldn’t stop smiling.

The two enjoyed a cup of coffee while they talked and reminisced about their friendship over the years. Baca even shared her secret to longevity – a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Lopez said that Baca is like a grandmother to him and that he loves to take care of her. He said he was honored to be able to celebrate her 95th birthday with her.

The moment was captured by ABC30, who shared the story on their website. Baca’s story has gone viral, with thousands of people sharing her special day.

It’s wonderful to see a story about a woman who has touched so many lives, and a CHP officer who has gone above and beyond to make her day special. We wish Lillian Baca a very happy 95th birthday!

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