Why desalination won’t save states dependent on Colorado River water

Water scarcity is a major problem in many parts of the world, and the American Southwest is no exception. The states of Arizona, Nevada, California, and New Mexico all depend heavily on the Colorado River for their water supply. But with the river’s water levels dropping due to overuse and prolonged drought, these states are … Read more

Madison Square Garden CEO doubles down on his use of facial recognition technology

CNN — The chief executive of the Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation has doubled down on its use of facial recognition on its sites to prevent lawyers suing the group from attending events. Speaking to Fox 5 on Thursday, MSG Executive Chairman and CEO James Dolan said Madison Square Garden is a private company and … Read more

FBI seizes website used by notorious ransomware gang

CNN — The FBI has seized IT infrastructure used by a notorious ransomware gang that extorted more than $100 million from hospitals, schools and other victims around the world, U.S. officials said Thursday. Since July, FBI officials have had extraordinary access to the computer networks of the so-called Hive ransomware group, FBI Director Christopher Wray … Read more

Snapchat’s role in fentanyl crisis probed in House roundtable

BreakSnapchat-owned Snapchat and its role in the fentanyl crisis were the subject of a House roundtable hosted by the Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday that could pave the way for new proposals to protect children on the Internet or limit liability protections for online platforms. The roundtable featured the mother of a child who … Read more

Holocaust survivor had his life savings cheated by woman he met on dating site, prosecutors say

CNN — A Holocaust survivor had his life savings cheated by a woman he met on a dating site, prosecutors say in the latest romance scam targeting the elderly. Peaches Stergo, a 36-year-old Florida woman also known as Alice, was arrested Wednesday on wire fraud charges for allegedly tricking an 87-year-old man out of more … Read more