The Grinch’s Real-Life Phone Number Revealed

It looks like the Grinch is finally getting the recognition he deserves. For years, the Dr. Seuss character has been an icon of Christmas, inspiring countless adaptations of the classic holiday tale. But now, fans of the Grinch can take their admiration to the next level – by calling the Grinch himself.

That’s right – the Grinch’s real-life phone number has been revealed. According to reports, the number is (818) 991-9498. Calling it will connect you to the Grinch’s very own answering machine, where you can leave a message for the green-furred one.

The phone number has been around for some time, but it’s only recently become public knowledge. It was originally created by a fan of the character who wanted to give the Grinch a way to connect with his fans. The fan set up the answering machine and gave out the phone number to a few friends, who then spread the word.

The phone number has been a hit with Grinch fans, who have been eager to leave messages for the grouchy one. Some have left messages of holiday cheer, while others have asked the Grinch to help them with their Christmas shopping. There’s even been reports of people calling the Grinch to ask for advice on how to deal with a Scrooge-like relative.

So if you’re a fan of the Grinch, now’s your chance to make a connection. Give the Grinch a call and see what he has to say. Who knows – you might just get an answer from the Grinch himself.