Treasury tells Comer to await decision on potential Hunter Biden banking records

The Treasury Department has delayed a request from the Republican House for information about Biden family financial transactions that may have been flagged as suspicious, saying it must first determine whether disclosing the documents is in the “interests long-standing executive power”.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who chairs the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, requested reports of suspicious activity related to the Biden family earlier this month in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Suspicious activity reports are generated by financial institutions when reporting suspicious financial movements and are submitted to the federal government.

But the Treasury at least temporarily denied Comer’s request, saying it needed to communicate more with the committee to understand why it wanted the information and what it planned to do with it.

“It is important that a requesting committee state in writing its purpose in seeking the requested information and its intended use so that the department can determine whether the disclosure is appropriate and consistent with the long-standing policy of the executive branch. interests, including protecting ongoing law enforcement investigations,” the department said in the letter to Comer on Wednesday.

Comer blasted the Treasury’s decision to shield the records, saying it was a coordinated effort by the Biden administration to hide information about the president’s family.

“This coordinated effort by the Biden administration to hide information about President Biden and his family’s shady business schemes is alarming and raises many questions,” Comer said in a statement after the letter was released. “We will continue to press for access to suspicious activity reports generated for the Biden family and their associates, and will use the power of the hammer to obtain them if necessary.”

The Oversight Committee investigation is just one of many investigations House Republicans have launched into President Biden and his family. In campaigning for its new House majority, the GOP has made monitoring and investigating the Biden administration one of its biggest selling points.