TV channel, live stream, talkSPORT coverage and start time as ‘Beast from the East’ challenges unbeaten ‘wrecking machine’ world champion

The ‘Beast from the East’ is set to challenge the unbeaten ‘wrecking machine’ world champion in a highly anticipated showdown. The fight will be broadcast live on TV and streamed online, with talkSPORT providing coverage of the event.

The ‘Beast from the East’ is an up-and-coming fighter who has been making waves in the boxing world. He has been impressing in recent fights and is now ready to take on the world champion. His opponent, the ‘wrecking machine’, is a formidable fighter who has held the world title for over two years. He is known for his powerful punches and vicious knockout blows.

The fight is expected to be a thrilling matchup between two of the best fighters in the world. Both fighters have been training hard for the fight and are in peak physical condition. The fight is sure to be a test of skill, strength and endurance.

The fight will be broadcast live on TV and streamed online. TalkSPORT will provide coverage of the event, with expert analysis and commentary. Fans can follow the fight on their TV or online at the talkSPORT website. The event will start at 7pm, with the main event starting at 9pm.

The fight is sure to be an exciting one, with both fighters giving it their all. The ‘Beast from the East’ is looking to make a name for himself by taking down the world champion, while the ‘wrecking machine’ is determined to defend his title. Who will come out on top? Tune in to find out!

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