Wanda Sykes Kicks Off ‘Daily Show’ Stint by Panning a Eulogy From Trump

On Tuesday, comedian Wanda Sykes made her debut as the new guest host of The Daily Show, and she was not afraid to take aim at President Donald Trump. During her opening monologue, Sykes discussed Trump’s recent eulogy for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which was widely criticized for its lack of substance and respect.

“I’m sorry, but that was not a eulogy,” Sykes said. “That was a bunch of words strung together that didn’t mean anything.”

Sykes went on to note that Trump’s eulogy was in stark contrast to the one delivered by former President Barack Obama at the funeral of Senator John McCain. “Obama spoke from the heart and it was beautiful,” Sykes said. “Trump was like, ‘Uh, she was a Supreme Court justice. Uh, she was a good person. Uh, she was a good person.’”

Sykes also took aim at Trump’s recent rally in Pennsylvania, where he referred to the late Ginsburg as “Ruth Bader Gins-burger.” “That’s like calling the Pope ‘Pope-aroni,’” Sykes joked.

Sykes’ debut as The Daily Show host was praised by many viewers, who appreciated her willingness to take on Trump and other politicians. Sykes is the first woman and first African-American to host the show, and she is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the show.

Sykes has long been a vocal critic of Trump, and her stint as The Daily Show host is sure to be filled with more barbs aimed at the president and other politicians. If her debut is any indication, viewers can expect plenty of laughs and hard-hitting political commentary from Sykes during her tenure.

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